UralvagonZavod Vehicles Roll through the Main Square of Kazakhstan

UralvagonZavod Vehicles Roll through the Main Square of Kazakhstan

Official Uralvagonzavod Press Release translated with permission from Alexiei Khlopotov’s blog by MicroBalrog

Three types of combat vehicles made by our corporation have been seen at the military parade dedicated to one of the main holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan – its Constitution Day: first to roll through the central street of Astana were the T-72B tanks, followed the most modern developments from our special technology division: the BMPT Tank Support Fighting Vehicle – a most modern weapon type, possessing a high level of protection, controllability, and firepower.

Kazakhstan has purchased the first 3 BMPTs for its army, however the Russian Army has yet to adopt these vehicles.

The parade also involved the TOS-1 flamethrower system. Developed at the Omsk plant of KBTM, TOS-1 can strike the target at up to 6 kilometers, destroying the opponent with high pressure differentials. These combat vehicles have recently been deployed with Kazakhstan’s military – for the first time in its history UVZ supplied a CIS country with its newest armaments.

The celebrations included an honorable guest – UVZ CEO Oleg Sienko. He noted that it was a source of great pride for the corporation to participate in such an important event for the Republic. Right now the cooperation between UVZ and the Kazakhstani party continues to evolve. It has developed a program under which it will work with “Kazakhstan Engineering” to modernize military vehicles as well as produce some of them in Kazakhstan. Further, the corporation continues to enter the Republic’s rolling stock market, for which purpose it is planning to purchase several assets on Kazakhstani soil in the near term.

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