Strelkov Sitrep, 10.06.2014

Results of yesterday’s evening shelling by the Ukrainians: one woman dead, another heavily wounded.

Results of our second ambush on the Kharkov-Rostov road (I have written of the second one yesterday – we torched a BTR with a shot from an RPG-18): one BTR ┬ádamaged with an RPG shot (sadly, did not burn, was towed away), one KAMAZ burned down, one seriously damaged, many wounded and dead on the opponent’s side, no casualties fof our own. As a result, the remainder of the ambush headed for Slaviansk turned back.

During the night, the opponent shelled the outskirts of Cherevkovka with mortars severla times.

Quite since morning so far.
On the Krasny Liman direction the opponent shelled our positions with 120mm mortars, without results. Our recon teams harassed his positions about a kilometer south-east of Krasny Liman. Results unknown so far, no losses on our side.

Funerals for 10 militia fighters who fell fighting for the city will be held today.

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