Strelkov SITREP, 06.07.2014


Nikolaevka is surrouned. There are no communications with its garrison. Continuous shelling  of Semenovka, Nikolaevka, and the power plant goes on. The amount of shells expended is such that I have not even seen in Chechnya.

At night Slaviansk has been shelled with howitzers several times. The population is in panic. Everyone is cursing Kiev, Poroshenko and… Russia, that gave hope and left us to the mercy of Ukrainian punitive troops.

I ask the readers not to “grasp for straws”, not to be happy when some plane or tank are shot down – the Ukrainians have so many that we can shoot down 10 a day and there won’t be much less of them.  They are crushing us under a constant flow of armor and shells. Infantry is almost not used except to clear the ruins. This is pure genocide. If Russia does not  intervene soon, Novorussia will perish extremely soon.

Slaviansk will perish a lot sooner than the others.

Oh and by the way, our resupply routes are completely cut off. So you can send the vests, shoes, night vision devices et cetera wherever you want.

The shelling of the city continues.


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